The healing power of classical music

Music can be deeply touching and lets resonate that which is deeply hidden within us.
Sound and music arise from the living silence of the omnipresent Oneness and contain the potential to bring us into harmony with ourselves and the omnipresent transcendent divine power.

In India there exists the Path of Naad Yoga – a system that is dedicated to the healing power of sound and which leads the practitioner to inner peace.

It has been known in the West for several decades that sounds and tones can transform, heal and release.

  • Sound therapy and music therapy, for example.
  • Medical research has also investigated the influence of music on circulation and blood pressure. See, for example, the research of the mathematician and pianist Elaine Chew and the cardiologist Pier Lambiase, who presented their studies on this subject on the platform of the European Society of Cardiology in May 2020:
    The research is discussed in the article by Julia Koch in of 23.06.2020: Neue Erkenntnisse aus der Medizinforschung, Der erstaunliche Einfluss von Musik auf Kreislauf und Blutdruck.
Eliana Fe Music - The healing power of classical music

In the western culture of classical music, however, one seldom speaks of healing sounds. Nevertheless, classical music has particularly great transformational and healing power, as the musicians of this genre produce very pure tones which expand the energy bodies of the listeners and cause them to vibrate.
Classical musicians must be able to fill large rooms with sound with their voice or instrument, without the need for amplification by a microphone. In order to achieve this, they themselves must be a very good instrument. They must know and channel their own breath, their own energy, their body and the energy-flow of the sounds they produce. Finding the ideal body-tone when making music is a part of long-term training. In order for even very soft tones to be audible in large halls, a musician must be one with the tone and the flow of breath – ultimately their body has to disappear into the sound. This connectedness and presence when making music and singing automatically has healing effects on the listener, whether the singer is singing an intimate opera aria or an aria from an oratorio.

Moreover, many classical works have a great healing and meditative effect. This is especially known about Mozart’s and Bach’s compositions and has been studied and tested many times.